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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Mum and Baby Yoga for twins and multiples

My classes are twin friendly - a place where all 3 of you can stretch and relax!

You’ll get plenty of support to enable you to come on your own with your twins. I am happy to hold one of your babies, and will do the massage and yoga with one of your babies if you like.

You pay the same as everyone else, even if you choose to bring along another adult to help you (which you can do every class, or just on occassion, or never!).

The venue is accessible for double-buggies (with a side-gate for those extra-wide buggies), and you can wheel the buggy right into the room to ‘unload’! If you come by car, I am happy to come out and help you bring the babies in - just text me when you arrive. You can change your babies in the actual room, and the toilet is adjacent.

If you have triplets or more, then you're also welcome - get in touch and we will see how we can make it work. You might need to bring another adult.

I also teach private sessions where I come to your home, including sessions at weekends together with your partner if you wish. For costs, click here.

Testimonial from Amanda, mother of twin boys:

“Fiona's Mum and Baby classes were absolutely fantastic for me and my twin boys. I found the early days really quite lonely and wasn't sure where to go to with two babies. Finding Fiona's classes became the highlight of the week! Fiona is such a warm and welcoming person, who naturally makes you feel at ease. She was always on hand to meet me and help me in with the boys. Each week we would swap babies so that I had some valuable one on one time with one of my sons and Fiona would take the other. Fiona's classes are a real haven for any new Mum to escape to, especially new twin Mums! Thanks so much for all your help Fiona.” 

Testimonial from Lucinda, mother of twin girls:

"Whilst attending Pregnancy Yoga with Fiona, Fiona explained that if I would like to attend baby yoga, she would be happy to help with my twins. I was only charged for one child, helped with the doors on arrival, allowed to take the buggy through to the room and Fiona even took one of my girls for the class so that they both benefited from the yoga.

Although I knew that this was all very helpful, it's only when I started to go to other types of baby classes I realised that other places are not so focused on ensuring that your life (already quite tricky with twins!) could be made that little bit easier.

I wholeheartedly recommend Fiona to every Mum I meet, especially as getting a little bit of time for relaxation is priceless for any Mummy - especially one with twins."

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