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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Testimonials from my students

Even in a full class Fiona manages to tune in to everyone's individual needs and wishes. I guess that makes her a great teacher! Her classes always uplift me and give me a lot of new positive energy.

Marjolein Stots

Fiona creates such a lovely space to practice yoga, a place to be you. She blends the spiritual and physical aspects in such an accessible way. Amazing! I recommend getting involved :)

Kat Soutar, Brighton

Fiona is such an inspiring teacher who generously shares her wealth of experience and insights into various aspects of yoga.

Siobhan, Ireland

Fiona inspires you to find your authentic self... She's down to earth, breezy and energetic!

Kate Lee

Fiona is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Her classes are truly inspiring and she has a powerful gift with people. She created a great atmosphere in our class, and was able to share her positive perspective in a very natural, down-to-earth way. What I also liked is that she gives all the information about the postures etc, which I found very interesting.

Each week the class was different and each time she managed to help me with whatever issue I had at that moment. She would share stories and experiences with us which enriched our day or our week. I really miss her and totally recommend her to the lucky ones that are able to go to her classes.

G. Esteruelas Berlinguer, lawyer and company director  

Fiona guides from a tender, clear and real place of deep understanding. Morag Donnelly of Lifeline Arts, UK

Fiona’s combination of free-flowing yoga postures and mental relaxation made this my most enjoyable yoga class ever. Fiona is a perfect blend of gifted teacher and expert yogi who imparts her considerable knowledge always with a light touch. She gently guides each student through the routines at their individual pace in a relaxed and soothing environment. If you want to calm your mind and body, de-stress while building a stronger and more flexible body then I recommend you give Fiona’s Dru yoga class a try! You are guaranteed to leave unwound and uplifted with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

Bernadette Bhacker

After the first Yoga class with Fiona I just kept going back, and every week enjoyed the yoga more. Fiona always stood out as a teacher because of her enthusiasm and dynamism, her high degree of professionalism and skill, and her ability to give such spot on personal attention. Since attending Fiona’s classes I have had several different teachers, and even started to train as a yoga teacher myself – all of which has only served to heighten my respect for Fiona’s teaching. To be able to attend her classes is a special opportunity which shouldn’t be missed!

H. Schepen 

I loved the class and for the first time in weeks had much less pain in my back. I also felt much more open and responsive to the world as a whole afterwards. I'm very much looking forward to the class this week.

Helen, Hove

What a glorious spring workout! Fiona's Yoga Dance demo was like feeling the sound of a huge orchestra. Made me fill up just a bit!

Lindsey Hawkes   

I came to the Yoga class for relaxation and time out for myself, and indeed I did find it incredibly nurturing and refreshing. But I quickly noticed that the class was giving me even more than that. It was helping me to be more confident and effective at work, and to remain cool and unflappable during even the most tense negotiations. I can’t say enough what a huge difference that has made. At home with a 4 year old and an 8 year old constantly vying for my attention, I am so much more patient and calm. My kids notice it immediately when I come back from my Yoga class. My little one always says, ‘Mummy, you’re face is so soft and beautiful and you sound so quiet and relaxed.’ I’m so glad I found yoga!

Brenda, The Hague

We had the privilege of having Fiona Tasker as senior tutor on our teacher training team for several years. Her enthusiastic, vibrant style of teaching, coming from a deep source of knowledge, makes her a brilliant teacher and treasured colleague.

Quirine Wentink

Fiona is an exceptional, intuitive, warm and funny teacher.

Louisa, London

Fiona's teachings are amazing, full of inspiration, care and fun, enriched with humour and lightness.

Rinske Bakker

Fiona's a wise and very good-humoured yogi.

Philip, London

Fiona is a lovely teacher with a lot of warmth and care.

Lisa, London

I wanted to tell you how much your class helped me to feel so much more alive and energised today and how happy I am that I dragged myself out in the cold! You put so much thought into your classes and I feel the benefits enormously. We don't always tell people nice things but I thought I would!

Carly, Hove