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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Yoga in the Workplace: tailor-made formats

Yoga at Work programmes can be tailor-made for your organisation or company. Some of the formats that are popular include:

One-off workshops on specific topics:

  • 'Understanding and managing stress at work'
  • ‘Breathe away stress’
  • ‘Relieve neck and shoulder pain at work’
  • 'Are you sitting comfortably? Improving posture at your desk.'
  • ‘Improve focus and concentration’
  • and many more


This gives the opportunity for a more in depth and thorough approach, and is particularly recommended for the topic of stress management.

Regular sessions in the workplace

Recommended for ongoing support over the longer term. Stretching, breathing and relaxation to relieve tension and stress, boost energy levels and improve focus. This can be a session in the lunch hour or after work, one or more times per week.

Individual consultations for specific staff

An excellent way to address individual’s problems, especially those with high stress levels, frequent absence, physical tension and potential repetitive strain injury.