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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Pre- and post-surgery and recovery from injury

Preparation for surgery

Recovery after surgery has been shown to be faster and less painful for those going into the operation with a positive attitude and healthy body.   

Yoga therapy focuses on boosting the immune system and all-round physical, mental and emotional wellbeing before and after surgery. Practices include:

  • positive affirmations and visualization
  • exercises to stretch and strengthen
  • breathing and relaxation
  • simple tips for lifestyle, nutrition and supplements 

At a New York hospital, patients having access to classes on positive attitude, breath, visualisation, and meditation were reported to have had their stress levels drop by an average of 69% and their pain to have decreased by 57%.

"People who have done mind-body preparation for surgery usually need less anesthesia during the operation and less pain medicine afterwards," says Steven Grugevich, Ph.D.

Recovery after injury and surgery

Yoga therapy for recovery after surgery or injury is carefully adapted to the individual, focusing on creating the best environment for healing. We gradually develop movements that support the body’s healing process, alongside breathing, relaxation and visualization practice. This gently strengthens the muscles, relieves tension, and boosts the immune system.

Testimonials of Margaret and Yvonne

In 2003 Margaret had a serious horse-riding accident which shattered her left leg and broke her right shoulder. A few months later she fell again, fracturing her hip and 4 ribs. One operation left her leg mis-aligned and she had to have it re-broken and pinned again. She spent just over a year on crutches.

In January 2007 Margaret arrived at my yoga class. Her body was still in shock from the physical trauma she had suffered, her balance was poor and she was unable to put any weight on her left leg, bend forwards, lie on her front, kneel or squat. That first class she was shy and withdrawn, but after a couple of weeks she gained confidence and her eyes began to shine.

After a few months of classes, private sessions and her own home practice Margaret could stand firmly on both legs, lie on the floor, kneel and even squat! “The doctors couldn’t believe it!” she told me. “Whatever happens, I always ask myself, ‘How could yoga help me with this?’ I simply fail to accept that something is not possible, I am always looking for the solution. It is with so much pleasure that I do my yoga!”

Yvonne had only been attending my classes for a few weeks back in 2006 when she discovered that she had an advanced stage of kidney cancer. The doctors booked her in for an operation to have the kidney removed within 2 weeks. Suddenly her life was turned upside down.  

“One minute I was standing on the top of the mountain, running my own business and successful in all I was doing. The next minute I was scrabbling at the bottom, confused and terrified. I felt so desperate.”  

But something in Yvonne refused to give up. “There was only one thing that I knew could help me. Fiona's classes had been teaching me how to relax and strengthen my body, and giving me valuable tools for coping with the stresses at work. I suddenly realized that this was exactly when I really needed these tools, more than ever!”  

Yvonne immediately booked herself in for private yoga sessions in the run-up to the operation. “I did all the exercises that Fiona taught me. On the days I didn’t see her, I did it at home. Every day I did something. I kept thinking, ‘I am better’, instead of ‘I am sick’.”  

In hospital Yvonne used yoga and guided relaxation to get through the night before the operation: “I just kept going back to my breath and using the affirmations that I learnt with Fiona. Immediately after the operation I was back at Fiona’s private sessions! I could not do much, but the relaxation and meditation were invaluable in helping me to heal. The doctors couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered!”