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Yoga with Fiona‚Äč

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Pregnancy Yoga - terms and conditions  


All block payments are for consecutive classes. Missed classes are non-refundable and non-transferable (except in the case of the birth, as below).

If you pre-pay consecutive classes, your place is reserved in that class.

If you want to drop-in, please check beforehand that there is space.  

Existing students following a block of classes are guaranteed a space in subsequent blocks if they pay by their 5th class, i.e. 2 weeks in advance. After that, new bookings are taken.

After the birth, remaining pre-paid classes are held in credit for you to use towards classes or workshops over the following 6 months (eg Mum and Baby classes, or yoga classes or workshops for you).  


The student commits to keeping the pregnancy yoga teacher informed of any health issues that arise over the course of her pregnancy.

The student takes full responsibility for her body and her baby, and only participates in exercises that she feels comfortable with.

If in doubt about her health or the health of her baby, the student commits to seeking medical advice before proceeding with pregnancy yoga classes.