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Yoga with Fiona​

a space to unwind and recharge...

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy,

birth and motherhood with confidence! 

"As a midwife and as a Mum, I can't speak highly enough of Fiona's classes.” Amy, Hove. 

> One-to-one sessions, or a group of friends 

> With or without your partner and/or baby

> Pregnancy yoga and birth preparation

> Sessions are available during school hours

No yoga experience necessary and you don't need to be flexible or fit! The movements are adapted to your needs and are safe and supportive for mums with pelvic and back pain, and other common ailments.

I also specialise in working with women during the first trimester of pregnancy, before you would normally be able to join a class, and I am trained in early postpartum recovery from the first days after birth, as well as c-section recovery.

Click here for costs.

In many cases, women can also attend my normal classes - but please email first.

β€œThe midwife told us how relaxed we were and that everything would be fine because of our calmness. That's all because of your Yoga!” Marian