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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Supporting natural recovery after childbirth

- from the early days after birth and onwards -

Giving birth can be incredibly demanding both physically and emotionally. Yoga gives much-needed support at this time, increasing your feeling of wellness and your ability to cope with the huge changes you are part of. Yoga helps you to grow stronger, more confident, calmer and better able to nurture your baby.  

“Start with the mother,

for the wellbeing of the baby depends on the wellbeing of the mother.”  

What is postnatal recovery? 

One-to-one sessions to support women after birth, including relaxation and simple, small movements using breath and body awareness. It is suitable after any kind of birth, and we can include soothing baby massage and baby holds.

(After 6 weeks you can opt to join Mum and Baby Yoga classes or from 3 months join my evening yoga classes)

When can I start?

From 2 hours after birth or, for caesarean births, as soon as the drains have been removed.

And it is never too late – I even work with ladies many years after birth to recover pelvic alignment and tackle back problems.

Where are the sessions?

At the hospital or in your home. From your bed in the first few days, progressing to a mat on the floor. Your baby can stay with you throughout.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps you to relax and release tension, nurturing your body and mind, and boosting energy levels
  • Supports good posture, re-aligning and stabilizing the pelvis, and reducing back ache
  • Supports the abdominal muscles, helps the uterus to contract, helps the healing of the uterine wall, soothes and heals nerves, and supports the healing of caesarean scar
  • Regaining tone in the abdomen (which helps relieve back problems) and pelvic floor (to help to prevent stress incontinence and uterine prolapse, and to help heal haemarroids)
  • Releases tension in the upper back and shoulders, learn relaxed feeding, and do gentle movements to stimulate the lymph around the breasts to help avoid mastitis
  • Gradually reclaim your body, tune into your own instincts, and enjoy your baby
  • Baby massage and baby holds to help soothe and connect

Common postnatal conditions 

Yoga has specific adaptations that can help relieve pelvic pain, separated abdominal muscles, back pain, c-section recovery, haemarroids, after pains, feeding discomfort, exhaustion and depression.   


£45 per 60 minute session, at your home

£120 for 3 sessions (each 60 minutes), at your home

£30 per 30 minute session, at your home or the hospital

£75 for 3 sessions (approx 30 minutes each), at your home or the hospital

30 minute sessions are only for within one or two weeks of the birth

Small group and family yoga sessions also available, please enquire.   

Gift vouchers 

What better than a gift that really nurtures you and supports your recovery? Suggest to your friends or family that they give you a gift voucher for postnatal recovery sessions that you can then use when you like. They can buy one session, or more – ask them to contact me and I’ll send them details.