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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Mum and Baby Yoga classes

in Brighton and Hove

"Thank-you for the gift of being able to chill my baby out...

at the touch of my fingers!" Vanessa, Brighton

No courses are running at present, but I can offer one-to-ones or private courses for ready-made groups - so if you have friends who are interested we can organise a time.

Classes that benefit both of you - yoga and relaxation for mums with movement and massage for babies. From 6 weeks (8 weeks post c-section) up to and including crawlers. Twins welcome (click here)!

No yoga experience necessary. The movements are adapted to your needs and are safe and supportive for mums with back pain etc.

What is Mum and Baby Yoga?     Photos from a Mum and Baby Yoga class

FAQs (eg "what if my baby cries / sleeps / feeds?"


Missed classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please read the payment terms and conditions and safety guidelines.

How to book

1. Send payment by BACs or pay in at any Lloyds Bank branch: F. Tasker, 30923668, 30-98-74. 

2. E-mail me when you've paid. 

3. E-mail me your completed registration and health form (click link below, or ask me for an email version):

Please read all the practical details below before you attend your first class.

What to bring

A blanket for your baby to lie on.


There is space for buggies inside the building, just outside the room we do the yoga in. It is not a secured room and other people using the building do pass through, so it is at your own risk. That said, we have never had any problems with the buggies.

Your first classes

Babies often take a couple of classes to settle in, so don't be surprised if your baby feeds, sleeps or cries more than usual (especially if they are under 3 months old) - they are just adjusting to a new environment. It's also quite common for babies to want to watch and suss it all out before they join in (quite sensible really!), but it's wonderful to see how they open up and respond more and more to the yoga and massage over the weeks.


My name is Fiona Tasker. I have been practising yoga for 24 years, teaching for 16 years, and training yoga teachers for 7 of those years. I have worked on and off with babies and children over the last 25 years. I am also a postnatal yoga therapist (see pregnancy and postnatal health).

I am passionate about supporting women and babies through these early months together - a time of both challenges and delights! My aim is to provide a nurturing and supportive place for both of you to explore this journey in your own unique way.

I look forward to meeting you and your baby!

> Read my guest blog ‘Yoga in Pregnancy and Postpartum


From 3 months postpartum, mums are welcome to join my daytime yoga classes without babies!


"Thank-you so much for such a wonderful start to our Mother-Daughter relationship; and the gift of being able to chill my baby out... at the touch of my fingers!"

Vanessa, Brighton

"I have found mother and baby yoga a really bonding experience. Fiona has taught me that I don't have to hold my baby like he is a china cup! If I'm more relaxed with him, he in turn will be more relaxed.

My son loves the moves and I've found it really useful to do some of the exercises at home during the late afternoon grumpy time. It's also a great activity to get your little one used to other babies and groups from an early stage, as there arent many classes you can do with a 6 week old.

I would recommend the class to enable you to feel more confident handling your baby and learning some massage techniques that will soothe your baby."

Bridget, Brighton

"I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed doing the classes - they're very well thought out and your relaxed approach makes everyone else feel really chilled! It's a really lovely way of spending quality time with baby and getting back in tune with your body after birth. It's also made me really keen to find time for regular practice to keep me grounded during this eventful first year of motherhood."

Amy, Brighton

“We both really enjoyed the sessions! It was great to be with other mums and babies, and the informal, relaxing style of the sessions made them so much fun. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation part, and I still use the lullaby to soothe Hetty when needed. In the early days it really helped me to develop confidence in handling Hetty and ‘listening’ to her- it helped us connect in a different way. Thank you so much for the sessions and for your supportive approach!” Anna, Saltdean

"I enjoyed interacting with my baby through massage as well as focusing on getting my body back into shape. Fiona showed us great ways to calm fractious

babies and it was a good way to meet new mums and share advice. I was also able to pass on some of the tips I had learnt to my sister which she tried out

on her newborn - particularly the 'swinging' and 'dropping' methods. They worked a treat!

Fiona is a great source of information regarding anything to do with pregnancy and babies, and her calm approach makes for very relaxing and enjoyable yoga classes."

Jennifer, Hove

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful mum and baby yoga classes! I have really enjoyed them. You are a fantastic teacher. For a long time, your class was all I could physically manage to do in terms of groups and it was a great bonding experience with Ruby. Thank you.”

Kate, Hove

“That little weekly hour of tranquility! Fiona is fantastic with new babies and with new mums. A gentle workout with lots of relaxation and (much needed) stretches for getting back in touch with your post-pregnancy body. Enough massage and baby yoga to keep the little ones engaged without over-doing it. Fiona pitches the mood and speed of the class just right and there's no stress with feeding, buggies or changing so the calm can last a little longer. This class is really worthwhile.”

Kristy from Hove