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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Mum and Baby Yoga in Hove: FAQs

Why can't I try a class first, or do drop-in?

I ask for a commitment to a course of classes to give babies a chance to get used to it, and to help keep the group as a whole more settled. Babies usually take a few classes to settle in and tend to respond best to regularity and repetition. This means you can get more out of the class too! 

(I used to do drop-in, and since I stopped the whole atmosphere of the classes has changed hugely and I feel that the benefits are much greater all round!)

And this just keeps developing - the longer you can keep up your yoga practice together, the more you will both discover. I've seen many babies from 6 weeks through to almost walking, so beautifully confident in their own bodies. 

What if my baby cries?

No-one minds if your baby cries. You will find that the class is a very supportive, easy-going place where you and your baby are accepted just as you are. We also learn specific moves to help soothe crying babies, and these can be amazingly effective!

What if my baby feeds or sleeps most of the class?

Every week will be different, and certainly younger babies may sleep or feed more. The best approach is to come with low expectations, and then you will enjoy the parts of the class that do work for you. Most Mums take part in most of the class, most of the time. When feeding, or if your baby is sleeping, simply enjoy being in the relaxing, supportive atmosphere where you can just stop and do nothing!

More FAQs...

1. Do I need previous experience of yoga? No, everyone is welcome.

2. When can we start? From 6 weeks after the birth, or 8 weeks after a Caesarean birth. Please get the all-clear from your 6 week post-natal check before starting the class. I do one-to-one or small groups sessions for before 6 weeks: postnatal recovery birth to 6 weeks.

Babies do tend to take part more actively from about 3 months up to before they become mobile, but mums often come earlier or stay longer as babies will still enjoy some exercises, you learn tips to use with them at home, and of course mums still get the yoga and relaxation for them, and the social element!

3. What if my baby is unwell? It is best not to attend the class as your baby won’t enjoy it if unwell. Unfortunately refunds and class transfers are not possible. 

4. How long can we continue taking classes? Up to and including crawling.

5. Do I need to check with my doctor before taking the classes? You do need the all-clear from your 6 week post-natal check. Mum and Baby Yoga is gentle and safe, but if you have doubts then check with your doctor. 

6. What should I wear and bring with me? Wear clothing that is easy to move in. Bring a blanket for your baby to lie on, and a yoga mat.

7. Can I breastfeed and change my baby during class? Yes, of course. The class flows around everybody's needs!

8. Can I bring my buggy?

There is space for buggies inside the building, just outside the room we do the yoga in, but it is not a secured room and other people using the building do pass through, so it is at your own risk. That said, we have never had any problems with the buggies. I do advise that you bring all your other valuables into the yoga room.