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Yoga with Fiona‚Äč

a space to unwind and recharge...

Caesarean section recovery

Yoga can be a huge support for women recovering after a c-section. Your abdominal muscles will need some extra attention to regain tone and strength. Why is this so important? Because weakness in the abdominal muscles is the most common cause of poor posture and back problems, which can continue into old age. So it's worth taking some time now to reactivate these muscles. And the good news is, it is relatively simple.

Below are different options, including classes and private sessions (one-to-one or small groups). 

Birth to 8 weeks postpartum

This is a delicate time of recovery and adjusting to the huge changes in your body and your life. It is advised not to do exercise. However, there are some gentle yoga practices that can be done to ease tension and very gently help the scar to heal and the muscles to tone. These sessions are only done privately (individuals or maximum 3 women) and I can come to your home or the hospital.

Follow this link for more information about postnatal recovery from birth to 6 weeks, what it involves, the benefits, and the cost of sessions. 

From 8 weeks onwards

Join Mum and Baby Yoga classes for babies from 8 weeks up to (and including) crawling, where we include exercises for c-section recovery.

You can also book a private one-to-one (or one-to-two!) or arrange a group session with other mums if you know mums who might be interested (with or without babies). Click here for costs of one-to-one. For groups I will quote a cost depending on numbers, but of course it works out much cheaper than one-to-one.

From 4 months onwards

Join my general yoga classes and workshops.

And it is never too late, I even work with ladies in their 60s needing to rebuild core strength after years of back problems following c-section. However, the sooner you can start the better!  

For more information contact Fiona on 07503 171878 or e-mail [email protected]