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Yoga with Fiona

a space to unwind and recharge...

Birth preparation workshop

“Among the best birth education I have seen! As a midwife and as a Mum, I can't speak highly enough of Fiona's work.” Amy, Hove

This workshop is for women and their birth partners. I usually recommend attending during the third trimester, but earlier is also fine. It is equally suitable for first timers, as for those wanting a 'refresher'.

I currently only run these sessions on demand - email me if you're interested and we can work out a time that suits.


£110 for one couple, private session (2 hrs 30 min)

If you know other couples who may be interested then we can do a group session:

£45 per couple for 3 or more couples (3 hours)

£65 per couple for two couples (up to 3 hours)

What we cover:

  • The role of the partner in supporting the birth
  • Different possible scenarios (eg labour slows down, unbearable pain, interventions are recommended) and what you as a couple can do to help (and often avoid medical intervention)
  • Massage techniques to reduce discomfort
  • Breathing techniques to help you relax and work with your body
  • Movement and positions to help the cervix to dilate and reduce discomfort, based on Active Birthing philosophy
  • Mental and emotional preparation as a couple
  • Time to practice and ask questions so that you both feel confident
  • You’ll receive handouts summarising everything we cover

I offer separate, tailor-made sessions for couples planning a c-section. Please enquire.

If your partner is unable or does not wish to attend, do consider coming anyway as the information will be useful for you. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative.


"The birth preparation workshop was a great bonding experience. We both learnt loads from the afternoon and afterwards we felt so excited, strong and positive about the birth." Sara and Nathan, Brighton

"As my husband and I had attended the couples workshop, he was amazing support and was able to encourage me throughout without ever being in doubt. We had practised different massage techniques so he knew what I wanted and if my breathing did speed up he reminded me 'Back to your Breath'. Even though we had attended an ante-natal course (a bit like the NCT course), the relaxation session was very short. Chris knew how much I enjoyed Fiona's pregnancy yoga so for him to attend the workshop was very important to me and he was then able to experience it for himself rather than me explain." Charlotte, Brighton

"I was particularly keen for my husband to feel more involved in the whole process and to have a better understanding of what I will be feeling on the big day ... and Fiona really helped make this possible. By the end of the session we both felt relaxed, positive and confident ... and, unexpectedly, a bit closer!" Annie, Hove