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Yoga with Fiona‚Äč

a space to unwind and recharge...

Remedial Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain affects about 80% of the population at one time or another. The good news is that the vast majority of cases can be relieved, and future pain avoided, by the use of specific exercises. In fact, it is said that only 10% of back pain needs any kind of medical intervention, and even in these cases remedial yoga can also be a huge help.  

I teach back programmes that have been developed by a team of yoga experts, physiotherapists and osteopaths. After an initial assessment, I will give you specific exercises to stretch out muscles that are locked in spasm, strengthen the deep postural muscles (core strength), and improve posture.

We will also practice breath work, relaxation and visualization to release stress and tension in body and mind, boost energy levels and improve general wellbeing.  

The programme is adapted for your needs, so people with almost any kind of back pain, including sciatica and herniated discs, can benefit.


"I booked three one-to-one sessions with Fiona as I'd injured my back 3 months earlier and it wasn't getting better. After the sessions my back has improved dramatically! Before each session, Fiona asked what I wanted to concentrate on and tailored the session accordingly. She was meticulous in ensuring that each move only challenged me as far as I wanted to go. At all times I felt totally safe with what she asked me to do. Having lost my confidence in yoga, Fiona's skillful and wonderfully encouraging and nurturing approach was just what I needed! I will now be joining her regular classes. I can't recommend her enough!" Suzanne O'Hara, Hove